Many of the links on this page are also found on other pages in this site. We’ve collected them together on this page, and added a few that didn’t seem to fit elsewhere, as a convenience. Check out these sites to learn more about Christian Science and continue your journey:


    A great place to begin your exploration about Christian Science; find out about core beliefs & FAQ’s; read and listen to experiences of healing; locate a Christian Science Practitioner, find a talk in your area, and lots more!


    The Christian Science Publishing Society presents a whole new way of studying, searching, sharing, and subscribing to the Christian Science religious magazines–and all on one, easy-to-use website called JSH-Online!


    Learn more about the life, ideas and achievements of the Discover and Founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy.



    – the online edition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor


    - electronic versions of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson in PDF, MP3, ePub and audio formats.


    - this format of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson is an engaging resource for youth, and youthful thinkers! It contains Bible notes, timelines, definitions, and translations.

  • JSH-Journal

    The Christian Science Journal: A monthly magazine with articles and verified reports of healing to help readers gain an understanding of the divine Principle and practice of Christian Science.

  • JSH-Sentinel

    Christian Science Sentinel: Weekly resource for inspirational articles, firsthand accounts of healing; exciting live Audio Chats.

  • JSH-Herald

    The Herald of Christian Science: Articles & testimonies of healings in 14 languages. In print/online/audio



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